Volunteer at EPBR

“This morning I volunteered for the Food Drive at Food Lion in Charles Town; what a great experience. Based on seeing your emails and talking with the coordinators, I understand obtaining volunteers was arduous. Yet, if members were to experience what I did today, I believe filling the volunteer spots would occur with no problem. During the volunteering I spoke with many people enter the Food Lion, with over 95% returning with food donations upon exiting the store. Furthermore, these strangers (now new acquaintances) conveyed to me, it is their obligation to help the needy. They gave their donations in the most humble and reverend manner. The donating people didn’t display wealth in their dress or auto. The vast majority spoke in a down-to-earth manner while displaying extraordinary hearts. As a result, I will always volunteer for this activity. I was proud to be part of this experience.”  ~LOU CIRONI

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