New Lockboxes are here!

The new lockboxes have arrived at the Board Office!!!  NOTE: At this time, we will only be issuing lockboxes according to the schedule below. We are still waiting on our training on the new boxes, so please be patient with us.

Because we have so many members, we have designed a schedule according to your last name for everyone to return your old boxes and pick up your new lockboxes:

Monday 11/27/23

9am-11am           A-B

2pm-4pm            C-D

Tuesday 11/28/23

9am-11am          EFG

2pm-4pm            H-K

Wednesday 11/29/23

9am-11am           L-M

2pm-4pm            N-R

Thursday 11/30/23

9am-11am           S-T

2pm-4pm            V-Z

On your scheduled day, you can pick up as many boxes as you have listings, plus a few extra. We ask that ALL lockboxes be returned no later than January 10th 2024 as they will be retired and will no longer work.

If you have any hanging on properties after January 10th, it becomes your responsibility to get it removed and dispose of it yourself.  The Board will not be responsible after January 10th